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Nomu IP68 S Series smartphones water and dust resistance video released

Nomu S series smartphones are known as the rugged products with IP68 certified rating, which are created for the cruelest environment, so how have they performed?

Nomu S serieswater and dust resistance video, you can watch it here

Seeing by the tests of the phones on the video, Nomu S10, S20 and S30 have been through some hard tests such as being immersed in water and even in a river for a while, and being buried in sand and mud. Eventually, these phones have got through these tests perfectly, it is quite impressive that after the tests they still work well and barely have a scratch.

We can tell by these tests that the Nomu smartphones with the IP68 certified rating is able to make us feel free to use under many circumstances. Beyond that, Nomu S series smartphones bear the big batteries along with quick charge technology that enable the devices to last for 2 days or even longer.

In terms of the price, as the budget type Nomu S10 comes with 5000mAh battery life is now only $99.99, the sibling Nomu S20 is the one of the thinnest rugged phone that sell for $149.99, and Nomu S30, the flagship in the family, is equipped with the high standard specifications and 5.5-inch display, which is only $229.99 on the Nomu First Global Sale Event.

Please be noted that the Nomu S10, S20 and S30 will go back to their original price to be $129.99, $169.99 and $259.99 after the deadline of the Nomu first global sale event on Oct 27th.

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