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NOMU S30 Survive from Drop Test

How often do you put your phone in unexpected drop situation since we can’t avoid the daily drop accidents entirely?

Drop always comes with a broken screen, which will make us so upset and sad. To wipe away such a worry, therefore, we need a durable and strong phone to replace the fragile one, not just for kids, but also adults. This is what NOMU S30 has been doing for its tough design.

To show you the whether S30 will have a broken screen when dropped, we took it to outdoors and conducted a real drop test. Will it survive from the more than 1.2 meter drop test?? And it will survive from stairs of different height?

If you have any interest in the result, welcome to watch the real test video via the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BkTEvzaRAc&t=6s

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