• High Safety
  • Broad spectrum
  • No drug-resistance
  • Good heat
  • 2 years antibacterial
  • 99.99% sterilization
Background Introduction

An investigation found that there are over 10 million bacteria on each phone.

Nearly a quarter of phones carried 10 times as much as the acceptable amount of bacteria. Why can a little smart device hide so many germs?

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily life which are easly to carry bacteria. This kind of bacteria can quickly reproduce in high temperature. Then pockets, handbags etc., where phones are often kept, become a cozy 'germ room'.

What is M8 anti-microbial glass?

* M8 2.5D anti-microbial glass adopts nano-antibacterial treatment technology, which can inhibit harmful bacterias such as algae, fungus, and mold.

* Through the process of bi-antibacterial ions replacement reaction, with high efficiency and long-lasting antibacterial effect. In the elimination of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, sterilization efficiency reaches 99.99%.

* M8 glass ensures that the antibacterial effect has a broad spectrum and long effect, especially suitable for touch devices which used in the industry of medical/food/public facilities, etc.

* M8 glass implant silver ions, well avoid yellowing.

How is antibacterial effect achieved?

* The main component of M8 anti-microbial is silver ions, which can effectively against the spread of bacteria.

* Silver ions are activated to produce reactive oxygen and oxidatively decompose bacterial viruses.

* The silver ions are adsorbed by bacteria, reacting with bacteria intracellular enzymes, so the protein metabolism is disordered and division mechanism stopped.

Why choose antibacterial glass?

The anti-microbial glass is able to inhibit bacterial breeding and prevent virus intrusion. M8 design is in order to focuse on users experience and aims to provide every customer the healthy and environment-friendly black tech.

Authorized Certification
The TechStone-C@+AM adopted by M8 is the first anti-microbial ultra-thin glass with its own intellectual property
rights for touch-sensitive panels in China and has been certified by a number of international authorities.