Crazy experiment on Nomu S10 Pro
Nomu S10 Pro promises you completely enhanced performance. It’s faster, stronger, higher-end.
NOMU T18 Official Unboxing-Function Preview
As a professional rugged phone, NOMU T18 indeed comes with so many unique features and interesting functions, such as walkie-talkie and external camera. 
Nomu T18 - high-quality rugged phone for outdoor workers
NOMU T18 works as both a professional rugged phone and a walkie-talkie, which make you communicate with the team in real time without worrying about the limitation of the Internet.
General overview of Nomu S30 mini
If you are looking for a fasionable, tiny but strong rugged phone, Nomu S30 mini is an excellent choice for you. 

Not every smartphone is freeze-proof and heat-proof
The constructions of Nomu rugged phone guarantee smooth functioning even in temperatures as low as -20℃ or as high as55℃. 
Always feel free when Nomu rugged phone gets wet
With the highest certified water-resistant rating IP68, Nomu rugged phone can repel water spills, water splashes, even can dunk in water for up to 30 minutes or 1.5 meters under.