Management and Productivity Enhancement

For many factory workshops, they require multiple processing methods to solve the problem, such as the back-office operations and remote site management. Nomu offers communications equipment and accessories, which ensure the safety of staff and the operation of supply chain for large workplaces.

The intense competition of businesses worldwide and strong market demand require more flexible, more reliable and faster production lines. As efficient coordination is critical to saving time and cost, the Nomu phone is equipped with the wireless button "push-to-talk" (PTT) , allowing you communicate with one or more staff members at the same time.

The speaker of Nomu phone even offers professional-grade audio, such as NXP and Class-K audio amplifier and waterproof speakers, etc, making the sound achieve the volume of 100 dB.

The service life of a common equipment is only 1-2 years, and frequent repairment is needed, while Nomu is more than 3 years, let alone it can deal with various emergencies in complex environments.

Security And Facility Management

Real-time Communication For Better Regulation And Control

When managing the large indoor and outdoor facilities, it’s super convenient to conduct an excellent team through the Oinom professional device, which means reducing operating costs while delivering superior service.

The Instant Communication Push-to-Talk (PTT) minimizes the time for reporting security, maintenance, and cleaning issues. With mature technology, Oinom's wireless intercom and 4G intercom can achieve wider coverage and lower cost.

Compared with the traditional radio, the NXP and Class-K audio amplifier is superior in terms of volume and sound quality. Meanwhile, the design of the waterproof speaker enhances the machine integrity and sturdiness.

The functions of near-field communication (NFC) and GPS, which are used to real-time locate and transmit geographic information, could ensure personal safety and save operating time whether indoors or outdoors. And the large battery capacity and battery handling technology assure continuous communication when applications are frequently working.


Turn Unpredictable Situation To Know Everything In Mind

Many environmental hazards make forestry workers become one of the world’s most dangerous occupations. In unpredictable severe weathers, surrounded by heavy trees, they have to work on such a rugged terrain.

With Nomu smart tools, the trained staff can easily handle on-site risks via instant message and coordination so that protect against all sorts of defective weather and environments.

Facing to the harsh outdoors and heavy equipment every day in forestry and logging, the workers also demand the most durable device, and this is the original intention of Nomu, which aims to manufacture rugged phone of the highest quality. Whether logging in dense jungle or truck loading in an open space, workers will encounter an unsignaled environment sometimes while using other phones, but the ultra-sturdy Nomu equipped with intercom function, wireless intercom and 4G intercom can expand the coverage of the signal at a lower cost, so that ensure the basic communication and improve the ability to handle unexpected situations.

Agricultural Industry
The Work Goes As You Planned

For the agricultural workers, porters and pickers, you can enjoy the professional technical support and long-term durability at a lower cost in the industry by choosing Nomu. Whether you breed livestock, plant crops or offer other agricultural services, it’s essential to reduce interference of the production and processing lines. Running an efficient communication system will greatly solve the problems generated during work communication, so that maximize productivity, save the time of management and reduce operating costs.

Working outdoors for a long time in the remote area, the staffs need reliable communication and rugged equipment in case of emergency. The PTT(Push-to-talk) button make it possible to realize real-time communication, simplify operation and get in touch with one click. No matter what environment you work in, Nomu is willing to supply the faster, smarter and more efficient solutions.

The powerful audio equipment, the waterproof speaker and K-class amplifier help you clearly hear whether in an open field or in a noisy processing workshop.