Multi Practical Techs To Facilitate Your Work

The Nomu mobile phone was originally a professional communication device used in construction. As the common occurence of rolling, scratching and impact in such an environment, Nomu tries best to make the phone indestructible. the phone can handle the 1.5-meter multi-angle drop and the soaking at 2 meters depth for 1 hour easily. The service life of more than three years reflects that Oinom is always focusing on quality and details.

With the sun-visible technology, your screen will not lose its original color, and will be clearer under the sun. During the night, the ample lights are very necessary for the worker. the LED flashlight with unique SOS mode the phone equipped is more practical than professional flashlights.

The glove touch is a key concern for many outdoor workers. Since the workers often need to wear gloves to reduce hand injuries caused by direct touch with some special substances.It's very convenient and practical for the staff to operate when the phone supports the glove-mode.

The outstanding performance of mobile phones in noisy environments depends on the decibel value of the speakers and whether they can be clearly accepted and sent. The Nomu mobile phone provides up to 100db for the construction team to carry out effective communication.