Transportation & Logistics
Transportation & Logistics

Ultra-rugged Foundation Makes Indestructible Achievement

Nomu can meet higher demands in terminal supply, delivery and on-site fleet maintenance, which can be applied on railways, seaports and airports. The most basic function gives expression to our delicate craftsmanship.

In battery use, our unique battery handling technology exceeds standard far in terms of battery stability and battery life, making it play a great role in extreme environments.

With the highest protection grade of IP69 (international certificated), most of our models can deal with all weather troubles and environmental impacts, even can survive from the crush under the truck without damaging the phone case and screen.

The ability that can well adapt to extreme weather will reduce the extra cost greatly. After all, the worker can not get the work done in time and cause the waste of expensive fuel if the worker goes back to the workplace just for replacing the broken device.