The Work Goes As You Planned


For the agricultural workers, porters and pickers, you can enjoy the professional technical support and long-term durability at a lower cost in the industry by choosing Nomu. Whether you breed livestock, plant crops or offer other agricultural services, it’s essential to reduce interference of the production and processing lines. Running an efficient communication system will greatly solve the problems generated during work communication, so that maximize productivity, save the time of management and reduce operating costs.

Working outdoors for a long time in the remote area, the staffs need reliable communication and rugged equipment in case of emergency. The PTT(Push-to-talk) button make it possible to realize real-time communication, simplify operation and get in touch with one click. No matter what environment you work in, Nomu is willing to supply the faster, smarter and more efficient solutions.

The powerful audio equipment, the waterproof speaker and K-class amplifier help you clearly hear whether in an open field or in a noisy processing workshop.