Turn Unpredictable Situation To Know Everything In Mind


Many environmental hazards make forestry workers become one of the world’s most dangerous occupations. In unpredictable severe weathers, surrounded by heavy trees, they have to work on such a rugged terrain.

With Nomu smart tools, the trained staff can easily handle on-site risks via instant message and coordination so that protect against all sorts of defective weather and environments.

Facing to the harsh outdoors and heavy equipment every day in forestry and logging, the workers also demand the most durable device, and this is the original intention of Nomu, which aims to manufacture rugged phone of the highest quality. Whether logging in dense jungle or truck loading in an open space, workers will encounter an unsignaled environment sometimes while using other phones, but the ultra-sturdy Nomu equipped with intercom function, wireless intercom and 4G intercom can expand the coverage of the signal at a lower cost, so that ensure the basic communication and improve the ability to handle unexpected situations.