5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait To Get A NOMU S50 pro
Adhering to years of experience in the production of professional rugged phones, NOMU launched their strongest model of 2018—NOMU S50 PRO. It can be positively estimated that the NOMU S50 PRO will live up your expectation since the company devotes to digging up more attractions in phone configuration. Now, let’s see the following five reasons why it is eye-catching.

First, the immersed display design will set free your visual boundaries and give stunning visual experience. And most importantly, NOMU S50 PRO adopts 5.72-inch screen with 18:9 aspect which requires more creative and challenging craftsmanship will lengthen visual range and deliver a soft and smooth aesthetic impression. While enjoying the biggest screen you can feel more easy and direct to use them.
Second, NOMU is perfectly capable of dealing with the extreme cold problem of the outdoors. Compared to some phones easily show several problems like phone bulging, liquid leakage, fire and even explosion in extreme cold environment, NOMU S50 pro can ensure that the phone battery is not only large capacity but also the use of safety in extreme temperature conditions. Even at -20℃, the phone will just work as usual without losing power easily, after all, maintaining stable work is the most basic requirement for NOMU.
Third, NOMU has achieved its best in the waterproof, dustproof, and dropproof defined in IP68 rating. Not satisfied with the status quo, NOMU S50 PRO this time do more work on its rugged performance. Beyond IP68, this device is certificated with IP69K which can withstand the water pressure at 100 bar (1450 psi) and 80 ºC. Boiling the phone in water, dropping it from a height of 1.8 meters, rolling it in a washing machine, wrapped in flour and cook it, all these are not a problem.
Next, let’s come to the phone camera. The camera is of great importance for a mobile phone, whether for hard-working workers to record their daily lives, or outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers to take shocking pictures. This time NOMU S50 PRO equips the rear 16.0MP camera with Dual Flash and the 8.0MP front one to make the picture more natural and clear.
The last but not least, the hottest technology is also involving. The Nomu phone focus on both the strong performance and user experience. The NOMU S50 PRO combines the latest technology like Face ID, NFC to provide users with a convenient and efficient operation experience.
Anyway, It is really gratifying if the information above can give you some idea about this rugged phone. According to the latest new released by NOMU, This model priced at $229.99 will start global presale on NOV. 9,2018. More details about this handset, you can refer to the official website: https://www.nomu.hk/