NOMU is a well-known flagship brand of Shenzhen Xin KingBrand Science and Technology Development Co.Ltd, which was founded in 1994 and has been specializing in R&D and manufacturing for smartphones, especially the rugged smartphones for nearly 10 years.


NOMU Positioning: Reliable Technology and Quality

As technology advances rapidly, NOMU is here to provide you an intelligent and a reliable technology life. We all the time believe the best products and high quality service are backed up by technologies amassed over many years, and the highly accurate and most strict quality test and control.


NOMU Incomparable Strength: Independent Factory, Worlds Top Manufacturing Equipments, Most Advanced Test Equipments, Professional Customer Support

With 9 year’s development, NOMU now has an independent factory of 26400 square meters, over 1200 high-quality staff members(including 53 professional R&D teams), professional independent workshops,various advanced producing machines and testing labs, and complete set of process equipments, fully ready to form a reliable guarantee in product quality and delivery. We not only pay attention to the professional product design and quality, but also ensure every  detail in the pre-sale, sale and after-sale stages.


NOMU Concept: Powerful Technology Foremost,User Experience Oriented,

Stylish designs and excellent quality boast the soul of NOMU, thanks to its powerful manufacturing ability, but at the same time, we also highly concerns the user experience. We enthusiastically offer reliable technology and quality that the customers can rely on and all we do is engaged in with the ever-present thought in mind of satisfying all our customers need.