Durability Test of NOMU S10 Pro-Rugged Phone vs. SUV vehicle
Durability Test of NOMU S10 Pro-Rugged Phone vs. SUV vehicle

Born To Be Tough, it is our brand logo as a professional rugged phone maker. Based on the brand aim, our phone series, including the new hit S10 Pro, always surprise people by their super tough body and strong quality. As a 1.5m drop-proof rugged smartphone, we witnessed S10 Pro’s survival from the bumps of 1103g beer bottle from a 80cm height in its previous test. But now, we does another amazing test on S10 Pro.

We make a Land Rover drive directly across the S10 Pro. That sounds crazy. But like always, we get a satisfied result. The phone is just safe and sound after the crush. You don’t even see a single scratch on the screen and rear rubber back. And it is worth mentioning that the Land Rover weighs 2400kg, and both the front and the rear wheel roll over it one time. It is really a breathtaking moment, and you can enjoy the video here: http://bit.ly/2z2dJ3N

The quality test on S10 Pro is getting more and more thrilling. That demands a lot in terms of the quality of the phone itself. If you are a NOMU fan, or are looking for a good rugged phone, S10 Pro is just your best choice.


Basic specs of S10 Pro:

IP69 Waterproof (Able to be underwater of 2m for 1 hour)

OS: Pure Android 7.0 out of box

Battery: 5000mAh Li-polymer battery (same as S10)

MIL-STD-810G certification

17 patents about the protective structure design

Memory: 3GB RAM+32GB ROM

CPU: MT6737T quad core 64bits 1.5GHz

Camera: 8.0 MP Sony rear camera+5.0MP front camera

Display: 5.0 HD Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Quick charge/ OTG

NXP SmartPA excellent speakerwith super loud and clear sound


S10 Pro beer bottle crush video: http://bit.ly/2muVE8K

S10 Pro buying link: bit.ly/2yGmwUD