Get The NOMU S50 pro--The First Rugged Phone Based On MT6763 Platform On Its Presale!

Recently, NOMU S50 pro is on hot presale. Especially for some outdoor enthusiasts, workers in special fields, they actively participated in this promotion, hoping to preorder the latest rugged phone for the best price. So, if you’d like to get some idea about this device, here we go.

NOMU S50 pro is the first rugged phone powered by MT6763 platform as well as 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, compared to other phones with same storage but based on the MTK 6750 or MTK 6755S, the advantages are evident in the speed of the phone's CPU and the efficiency of data processing, the phone’s performance has improved by 70%, making sure that heavy gaming and multitasking perform fast and smoothly. Nowadays, everyone has a fast pace of life. A mobile phone needs to run multiple tasks at the same time. Once get stuck, it will not only affect your emotions but also your productivity. So It's not hard to see the importance of a powerful processor.
Moreover, speaking of this device, it’s strong resistance to high temperature and low temperature must be mentioned. The phone can work at -20 ℃ for three hours with the power loss of less than 30%, and can run normally at 55 ℃. In addition, as to the configuration, the phone has several highlights. the 5000mAH big battery, the 8.0+16.0MP camera, and some convenient function like face ID, NFC, all these will contribute to an excellent phone experience.
Stop hesitating, the presale is the best time to grab this powerful phone with the lowerest price undoubtedly. If you like it, get it.