How To Stop Being A Slave To Your Phone - NOMU S10 Give You An Answer
How To Stop Being A Slave To Your Phone - NOMU S10 Give You An Answer
Are you indulged in Facebook or games without a look at the brilliant sunshine? Are you devoting yourself to a new function of the phone and skip your meal and sleep? Are you nursing your iPhone like it's a newborn? Guys, believe it or not, your phone is possibly damaging your health, depriving you of the boon from nature, alienating yourself from your families. But is that your original purpose of buying the phone? Of course not!

NOMU S10, redefines the phone use. It meets your communication, work and entertainment need like other phones do. But most importantly, it frees your life and motivates you to get outside to enjoy the beauty of the world and the good life. It’s distinct from common phones because of the features below:


  1. Super tough, best partner of your journey. Stimulating and challenging outdoor sports can always gives you an adrenaline boost. S10, with excellent waterproof, drop-proof and dustproof performance, will never spoil your courage and excitement.
  2. Strong navigation capacity. S10 adopts world-leading GPS&GLONASS double positioning systems, which has high precision, fast location and strong anti-interference advantages. Just go anywhere you want to.
  3. Ultra big battery. S10’s 5000mAh battery means you needn’t take a heavy power bank with you, or you won’t worry to find nowhere to charge your phone. A single full charge satisfies your heavy use for over a day.
  4. Most cost-effective. S10 equips with mid-range configuration and with affordable price. It’s designed to avoid excess usage and enables the owner to rely less on the phone.


S10 is sold at $111.79 now, with a discount of 14%. But please kindly know that it’s a flash sale, only available for a few hours. Buy one and enjoy the amazement of nature and life.


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