NOMU big sale of 11.11 shopping carnival
NOMU big sale of 11.11 shopping carnival

Tomorrow is double 11 shopping carnival. As one of Chinese most professional rugged phone makers, we are well prepared for the world biggest annual online shopping day. By then we will have a big sale at NOMU official stores, where you can save as much as $60 for one phone. The activity will cover NOMU series of hot-seller rugged phone, not only the goodword of mouth ones, but also the new hit of the brand, S10 Pro, one of October Tech Discovery on Ali Express.

There are five items involved in the activity. Here is the detailed information:

Item Price on Nov. 11 (Only for one day) Price cut/Discount
NOMU S10 Pro $139.99 $60/30%
NOMU S30 Mini $139.99 $60/30%
NOMU S30 $215.79 $44.2/17%
NOMU S10 $109.99(only 100ps,  on a first-come, first-get basis); $111.66 $54.17(only 100ps,  on a first-come, first-get basis)/33%; $52.5/32%
NOMU T10 $50.99 $9/15%

Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to win coupons which can be used on the same day. There is a saying goes ”Buy earlier, enjoy earlier”. If you have a crush on one of our phones for a time, then tomorrow will be definitely your chance. Please remember that the big sale is only available tomorrow, Nov. 11. Don’t let it go.

Last but not least, it’s only 4 days left before our grand Phone Giveaway comes to an end. Just join us now and you can luckily win our S10, S10 Pro, or S30 mini. Don’t hesitate.

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