Nomu First Global Sale Event From Oct 20th to Oct 27th
Nomu First Global Sale Event From Oct 20th to Oct 27th
Chinese manufacture Nomu is holding their first global sale event now (Oct 20th to Oct 27th). Starting now, you can purchase anymodel of Nomu series for 30 dollars discount. Therefore,the price of Nomu S10, Nomu S20 andNomu S30 is $99.99, $149.99 and $229.99.

Aside these sales you can also find a giveaway event (Online Fishing Activity) for the iPhone 7 (Plus), Samsung S7 Edge, Nomu smartphones and coupons for Nomu smartphones. The participants only need to fill the email and play the game according to the rules and then they will inform you via email as you win a phone or other prizes.

Check out the detailed rules down blow or visit the activity page

Activity Rules:
1. Fill in your email, click the "Continue" Button to join in the contest;
2. Click the bubble, fish, hand or fishing rod to begin;
3. If you get the Smartphone shown on the picture, congratulations, you win it! Just leave your name, email, shipping address and phone number, we'll contact you when the event ends.
4.If you get the bottle, you win a $10 coupon code for Nomu S20 or S30. You can select the product with specific color given and click the logo of e-shop that you want to buy from to get the $10 coupon; Click the logo again to enter the e-shop and use the coupon by placing order. (With the coupon, you can get $10 discounted base on the special price)
5.If you get the fish, watch the promotional video and share it on your social media, you will have another chance to participate in the contest.
6.After joining the activity, you also have another chance:(click the photo and then the "Share" button) to participate in the contest
7. Click the "bucket", you can view what you have got.
8.The fishing activity begins at 16:00 GMT+8, Oct 20th, and ends on Oct 27th, 2016.

All of the model’s specifications of the Nomu series can be found here.