NOMU S10 Pro 4.5m Free Drop Test -- Grab it only $139.19 now
NOMU S10 Pro 4.5m Free Drop Test -- Grab it only $139.19 now

NOMU S10 Pro, as the most representative product of our “Born To Be Tough” rugged phone series, not only sets the highest IP69 waterproof record for this kind of phone, but also is MIL-STD-810G certified. Its tough body and hard quality have won trust and love of a large number of customers. As an outdoor-dedicated phone, its drop-proof performance is beyond doubt excellent. Recently, we did a crazy drop test for this phone -- falling it down on cement floor from 4.5m height. Interestingly, we didn’t do this for S10 Pro alone. Instead we tied it with four bottles of Pepsi, and fell them together. When they were down to the ground, none of the four Pepsi survived the deformation and blowing up. But the miracle was that our S10 Pro turned out to be fine, no shattering, no broken pieces, all it needed was to rinse some soda water off the phone screen, and the phone was completely usable afterward, and that’s it.


To see the thrilling drop scene, please check it here

In order to celebrate the coming new year, we decide to have a big promotion of S10 Pro. Now we reduce the price to $139.19, 13% off the original one. So for people have a crush on this phone, now you can save as much as $20 this time. And we note you that the promotion will last for only 3 days. So please don’t hesitate to grab it now! And more surprisingly, our much cheaper, IP68 waterproof model, S10, now also has a price cut, selling at only $107.89, for only one day. Double surprise for your new year!


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