NOMU S50 PRO, Define What A Professional Rugged Phone Should Look like

NOMU has launched its latest rugged phone NOMU S50 PRO in 2018 fall. The appearance design continues its hard, tough look, which is wrapped by the German Bayer rubber seamlessly to enhance its anti-dropping performance. The main difference is that the 18:9 screen design is added to make the phone more fashionable and the overall look is closer to the trendy phones in the current market. Is it acceptable for users who have been used to the rigid design? We will see.

At present, the mainstream protection level of the rugged phone is IP68, which can completely prevent foreign objects and dust from entering and soak in water for several hours without damage. Not only did the NOMU S50 PRO pass this IP rating test, but it was also certified with IP69K, it means this device could withstand the high-pressure impact of water jets. At the same time, it passed the U.S. standard MIL-STD-810G, which is capable of keeping normal service in extreme environments such as high humidity, high pressure and high temperature. More than that, its low-temperature performance is also commendable. The NOMUS50 PRO can work well even at -20℃. The battery is subjected to severe high and low-temperature cycle testing, and its safety has been greatly guaranteed. It can be said that NOMU S50 PRO is committed to giving the users the highest protection.

Of course, for some people who work in remote, low-signal places, one of the most important concerns about rugged phones is the signal. This is not a problem for NOMU S50 PRO since its excellent signal performance is more prominent in harsh environments. The strong signal can ensure smooth communication over the phone. This is crucial to the success of the work and the security of workers. Predictably, Its Strong signals will undoubtedly make the phone more favorable.
Compared to the previous rugged phones, this one has been optimized in terms of performance and appearance. It remains to be seen whether consumers will pay for it. Follow the NOMU website for the latest mobile phone information: