S10 Pro leads the newest and also the highest waterproof level in electronic industry
S10 Pro leads the newest and also the highest waterproof level in electronic industry
In this month, we have released S10 Pro with waterproof level reaching IP69.Obviously, it should be the highest level to show the ability of electronics to resist water.
On market, IP67 and IP68 are the trends of most rugged smartphones, or even some quality and so expensive smart phone like iphone X with IP67, and Galaxy Note 8 with IP68.

Theoretically, when we mention a smartphone can be IP67 waterproof, we mean it can be underwater of 1 meter, but for no more than half hour. And For smartphone with IP68 waterproof level, it can be underwater of 1.5 meters for no more than half hour.

However for smartphone reaching IP69 level, it can be underwater of 2 meters for 1 hours. Now this is the highest waterproof grade when its comes to electronics, surely including smartphone, and this is also what NOMU S10 Pro can do.

Having been manufacturing waterproof rugged samrtphones for nearly 10 years, we have the technical strength to give S10 Pro the best sealed structure and most mature waterproof design to resist water inflow and water pressure even being underwater 2.0 Meter for 1 hour.

We make a video to show you the difference of NOMU S10 Pro, iphone X, and Galaxy Note 8 about their waterproof performance.

S10 Pro IP69 Waterproof Introduction video:


NOMU S10 Pro main specs:

IP69 Waterproof (Able to be underwater 2M for 1 hour)

OS: Pure Android 7.0 out of box

Battery: 5000mAh Li-Po battery (same as S10)

Memory: 3GB RAM+32GB ROM

CPU: MT6737t quad core 64bits 1.5GHz

Camera: 8.0 MP Sony rear one+5.0MP Front one

Display: 5.0 HD Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Materials: Germany Bayer soft Rubber

Processing: Advanced Bi-materials insulating

9V 2A Quick charge/ OTG Supported

Big power loud speaker with world famous NXP SmartPA module


Know more information about S10 Pro via product page on NOMU official website:


And the new phone is available for selling on NOMU Direct Ali-express store, and you can buy it here : https://goo.gl/ihHDVC