NOMU S10 Pro redefines the smartphone use by being th world’s first IP69 waterproof rugged device

There is a misconception that phones should wear a case or stay away from water to protect them from damage. But, still, accidents happen all the time. NOMU S10 Pro redefines the smartphone market as, besides the cool appearance and good performance, it is also resistant to water immersion, drop damage, and dust permeation. Thanks to these features, it has been well-received by a large number of customers, from young to old.

Outdoor enthusiasts think it’s cool

Unlike traditional rugged phones, the S10 Pro is thin and lightweight. Coupled with its waterproof and drop-proof capabilities, it is highly favored by outdoor lovers.

Outdoor adventurers think it’s professional

Harsh natural environment demands more from a phone. It requires hard quality, long battery life, and good signal. S10 Pro’s IP69 waterproof capacity deals well with rainy weather while the 5000mAh big battery and power-saving technology guarantees 3 days of use. Also, the 4G network and reliable positioning performance let you feel free to travel all over the world.

Special industry workers think it’s useful

Drop-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof abilities make it a good work assistant for construction workers, coal miners, maritime workers, etc.

NOMU phone aims at making your life colorful and convenient. Below, you can watch a video of the smaller sibling of S10 Pro, the Nomu S10 which shows some practical uses of the device. Relatively, the S10 Pro has larger storage capacity, higher resolution, and better waterproof performance. If you are surprised by the good performance of S10, you can expect more from the S10 Pro.

You can see more details about it in the official product page. Also, it is available for purchase on the official Nomu Store on Aliexpress.